Caster (2010-2011)
The series Caster elaborates on the common vocabulary of interior design. By reconfiguring and reinventing the familiar object of domestic life such as the carpet, the series looks beyond design and function.

The series uses my own house, which (when moving in) appeared to be inhabited, if not by the former occupants in their physical form but by their ghosts. The work uses the carpet as a metaphor for the indexicality of presence - essentially the presence of absence.
Caster uses the carpet to create sculptural shapes, transforming this everyday domestic object into a piece of mental furniture. The carpet becomes biomorphic: exploding, concealing, embodying, imploding upon itself or becoming insect cocoon, making the house appear to be a sentient and pulsating being. The work oscillates between a consideration of the relationship between the sculptural object and its photographic image: the turning of the carpet results in the turning of the photographic negative.