Ariadne's Thread (2013)
The work presents the attic of the house as a symbol of the unconscious latent experience. Ariadne's Thread forms a fragmented domain, describing the deeper and hidden strata of the world as a labyrinthine.
In Andre Breton's little-known poem La Maison d'Yves (1948) the house is entered at night by lantern-light in an attempt to penetrate and make transparent the domain of the unknown. Using lights and light bulbs in the images, the piece refers to an attempt to solve the labyrinths enigma, presenting the attic space as possessing a dynamic, subversive lyric force active within in.

Ariadne's Thread presents the attic as non-functional, non-fixed but rather a dwelling of elusive and oneiric quality, exploring the materiality of photography itself. The images being directly printed on aluminium, a material that is commonly used to mount the photographic image onto raises questions about the location of the photographic image itself.

The piece, comprising of 6 individual panels, has no fixed position. Each time the work is installed the arrangement of the individual images can be changed by the curator. Ariadne's Thread enhances the notion of photography as non-fixed or in traffic and the contingencies produced by this traffic allow other possibilities to emerge.