So to Speak
The book So To Speak presents imagery that use digital photographic technologies such iPhones and consumer-grade Epson printers and its printer profiles – as tools to create imagery that generates fresh and critical perspectives of the photographic medium as a medium that communicates across and through technology and technological language systems such as codes and printer profiles.

The book tells the story of a couple’s separation through photographic imagery and fragmented reflective text pieces highlighting the couple’s inability to communicate effectively with each other.
The writing and photographs are the product of the period of one year of grief Klenz experienced after the moment her long-term relationship ended and while still living in the same house as her former partner. Klenz used her daily walks as a quotidian ritual to enter into a dialogue with the spaces she encountered: buildings, objects and places acted as triggers for her memory. The buildings and architectural scenes provided a means to harness her internal thinking, allowing her to be with and in architecture, meeting herself at the same time.

The book installs the textual reflections and imagery together and aims to question the role of communication in photography, focusing on dichotomies of image and text. Klenz is interested to explore these two language systems — visual and verbal- in her book, highlighting the inherent limitations of both photography and words as “descriptive systems” to communicate effectively in their singular form. So To Speak explores the translations that occur between systems of communication and dissemination of information: between a couple and between the photographic and the textual.

Afterword by Terry Perk
Edition: 200

208 pages, 83 images
155 X 225mm
Soft embossed cover
Metallic + 4 colour print throughout on satin coated paper